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Abbé Nozal
Escultura "El Cristo del Otero", en Palencia (España)
I present to you
20 pictures by Nozal
El Cristo

The Christ of the hill

Detalle de El CristoThe Cristo del Otero (Christ of the hill) is a gigantic sculpture in concrete and bronze in a post-cubist style. It was erected in 1931 on the outskirts of Palencia on a small hill which dominates the city of Palencia. Over time it has become an authentic symbol of Palencia. An unhappy stiff column...and on top of that blind! What is more the eyes are missing leaving just empty sockets. Pathetic. I have painted 24 versions of Cristo del Otero, some have disappeared, others I've sold... From the 14 pictures that I present to you here, half form part of private collections. (From the point of curiosity the one entitled The Umbrella Christ is presently the property of Her Royal Highness Princess Elena of Spain and the one entitled Elevator Christ is in the hands of a Mohatma Kader, Abu-Dabi, United Arab Emirates). Enjoy!


the pictures: 


El Cristo ciego. Ref: C005 (10 KB)
Ref: c005
El Cristo del pin. Ref: C004 (54 KB)
Ref: c004
El Supercristo. Ref: C001 (120 KB)
Ref: c001
El Cristo que se las pira. Ref: C013 (97 KB)
Ref: c013
El Cristo sentado. Ref: C020 (93 KB)
Ref: c020
El Cristo ciego El Cristo del pin El Supercristo El que se las pira El Cristo sentado
El Cristo Sordo. Ref: C006 (9 KB)
Ref: c006
El Cristo del estampado. Ref: C010 (113 KB)
Ref: c010
El Cristo de la sequía. Ref: C012 (66 KB)
Ref: c012
El Cristo de la botella. Ref: C016 (75 KB)
Ref: c016
El Cristo del Paraguas. Ref: C019 (57 KB)
Ref: c019
El Crsito sordo El del estampado El de la sequía El de la botella El del paraguas


El Cristo mudo. Ref: C007 (8 KB)
Ref: c007
El Cristo de los cubiertos. Ref: C-003 (43 KB)
Ref: c003
El Cristo del periódico. Ref: C-015 (64 KB)
Ref: c015
El Cristo del Lotero. Ref: C011 (62 KB)
Ref: c011
El Cristo del Teléfono. Ref: C017 (114 KB)
Ref: c017
El Cristo mudo De los cubiertos El del periódico El del Lotero El del teléfono
Los Ojos del Cristo. Ref: C018 (14 KB)
Ref: c018
El Cristo del tururú. Ref:C014 (54 KB)
Ref: c014
El Cristo de la indulgencia o Cristo ideal. Ref: C008 (86 KB)
Ref: c008
El Cristo del cabreo. Ref: C009 (8 KB)
Ref: c009
El Cristo de Palencia. Ref: C002 (9 KB)
Ref: c002
Ojos del Cristo El del tururú De la indulgencia El del cabreo El de Palencia




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